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Condition 1


– You Must Credit Me

You must credit "Jaxius" when using my tracks in your projects.

How to credit me:
“Music: ‘Track Name’ by Jaxius

Condition 2


– Do Not Turn on Content ID Matching or Claim Any Copyright for Yourself

You cannot copyright my tracks in any way or form.

On YouTube DO NOT check the “Turn on Content ID Matching” check box.

On other platforms do not claim any copyright to the music.

However, you can still monetize your YouTube video(s) that use music by Jaxius.

Condition 3


– Your Project Must Be an Original Piece of Content

You must use my music in original creative works.

You cannot simply re-upload my music and turn on monetization, sell it as a product or claim my work as your own.

This License does not in any way transfer any copyright ownership. Jaxius maintains the sole copyright holder of any works covered by this license. The music is still 100% copyright protected but this license is allowing you to use it.

For sync licensing on major film and game projects/releases, please contact:

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